Why Study Chinese at BINUS University?

BINUS  Chinese Department’s lecturers are graduated from China and Taiwan.There are also Chinese lecturers that support our department. The curriculum of our department represent the needs of nowadays industries’ demands. Students not only study the knowledge of Chinese and China, but also master some soft skills such as: operating computer that use Chinese software, leadership, communication skill, etc  that will be an advantage for working in a company or work by themself.

There are also many scholarships for those who would like to have a further study and an opportunity to have an internship in local or foreign companies.

Graduate competencies:

1. Able to demonstrate effective and punctual oral communication  in Chinese (HSK Level 6 proficiency).

2. Able to demonstrate effective and punctual writing communication in Chinese.

3. Able to demonstrate and interpret Chinese in the selected  orientation and in any kinds of industries.

4. Able to analyze, appraise Chinese culture and to integrate in the cooperation with industries.

5. Able to effectively and punctually operate the computer application in Chinese.