Current Student Activities

Our students have many activities to boost their Chinese language and interest about Chinese Culture.



This is our Chinese Department students union. They have many activities and programs to united BINUS Chinese Department, to sharp their soft skill such as leadership, organization skill.

Mandarin Corner

We have sport activities such as badminton. Lecturers and students are playing badminton together but we ask to speak Chinese language. Play Hard, Study Hard.

Butterfly Dream Dance Group

Mr. Heru a young talented dance trainer once a week come to Kijang Campus to teach ours student Chinese Traditional Dance.

Chinese Calligraphy

We are learning how to use writing brush to write Chinese Characters.

Chinese Seriosa

Learn how to sing Chinese Songs with the correct way, how to take breathe when singing.

Chinese Traditional Bagua Zhang

Our Bagua Zhang’s trainer Mr. Agustinus who have learn Bagua Zhang for several years when he was in Beijing.