Profile of Chinese Department Lecturers

Head Of Chinese Department

Dr. Jureynolds, SS., M.Litt. (卓宥佑)


Deputy Head Of Chinese Department

Putri Mustika Susilo, S.S, MTCSOL. (蔡爱凤)


Faculty Members


Subject Content Coordinator

Theresia, S.S., MTCSOL. (郑爱玲)

Dr. Mei Rianto Chandra, S.S., MTCSOL  (张家钱)

Vincentius Valiandy Jiuangga, S.Kom. , MTCSOL (丘光龙)


Research Coordinator

Dr. Yi Ying, S.S., M.Lit., M.Pd. (林雪莹)

FM – SCS Chinese Literature

Xuc Lin, S.S., M.A. (戴雪琳)


FM – SCS Chinese Linguistic

Mariana, S.S., M.Lit. (曾微丹)

Faculty Members

Kelly Rosalin, S.S., MTCSOL(陈艳艳)

Juniana (杜秋夏)


Elice Chandra, ST, M.Si (曾依嘉)