Chinese Department’s Curriculum

As one of the programs of study at Binus University, Chinese Department constantly develop and improve to realize the vision of “A world-class University in the continuous pursuit of innovation and enterprise”. Incorporated in the Faculty of Humanities, Chinese Department is one of the majors which has always been a leading factor in the internationalization efforts of achieving quality’s education at Binus University.

In addition, ┬áChinese Department conducts regular meetings with various representatives of the international industrial world, such as the Bank of China and Huawei to determine the competencies required by the industry of Chinese Department’s graduate. Chinese Department’s students also have the opportunity to undertake a study tour and exchange to various peer institutions in China and Taiwan to broaden and enhance their understanding of Chinese language and culture. Network cooperation with well-established institutional partners is also an opportunity for graduates of Chinese Department of Binus University to get a scholarship for further studies into the post-graduate level in the field of linguistics, teaching, literature and business.

More recently, efforts to increase academic quality and internationalization of Chinese Department has received recognition from the country of Thailand. The Thai government provides scholarships to 10 students leading them to come and study in Chinese Literature Binus University.

  1. apakah ada kuliah malam untuk Sastra Mandarin? atau Sabtu ?

    • Dear Vera, Tidak ada perkuliahan malam untuk Sastra China Binus, perkuliahan di Binus dilakukan pada hari Senin- Sabtu (tapi disesuaikan dengan jadwal kuliah yang ada) Regards, Sastra China