Started in 2002, the Chinese Department is the newest addition to the Faculty of Language and Culture and it is awarded Grade A from National Accreditation Board (BAN-PT). In only four years of study, students will reach a level of knowledge unmatched by any other programs in Indonesia. By the end, students will be able to read 2000-3000 characters, and understand as many as 10,000 vocabulary items.

As well as achieving international standards in Chinese language, the students will boost their expertise in Chinese culture. The Chinese Department offers studies in Chinese history, geography and Chinese literature. This information packed course also gives students the opportunity to communicate and socialize in Chinese in the workplace.

BINUS UNIVERSITY is committed to educating the next generation and preparing them for these urgent market demands. The Chinese Department of BINUS UNIVERSITY is the key to a fascinating career in Chinese business, study and culture. Not only that, The Chinese Department has the best contacts and materials to offer, It leads the field in international standards, with material published by the Beijing Language Centre and Culture University (BLCU), a university with an international reputation that provides an excellent standard of proficiency in language and other aspects of Chinese culture, the Chinese Department has also cooperation with several universities in China and prepares full scholarship (1 year-S3) for the students and alumnae.