Student Outcomes

(SO-1) Able to skillfully communicate in Mandarin both oral and written in various contexts in accordance with HSK level 4 and HSKK Intermediate quality standards;

(SO-2) Able to develop writing in formal and non-formal languages using a minimum of 2500 Han characters;

(SO-3) Able to utilize Information and Communication Technology to support the work in use of Mandarin;

(SO-4) Able to study aspects of language, culture and current issues in China in accordance with Chinese grammar and linguistic rules that can be set forth in oral and written works in Mandarin or Indonesian;

(SO-5) Able to present Chinese history and culture in Mandarin or Indonesian language verbally and in writing;

(SO-6) Able to present the history and culture of Indonesia in Mandarin verbally and in writing;

(SO-7)  Able to apply Mandarin in teaching;

(SO-8)  Able to apply Mandarin in business;

(SO-9) Able to apply interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in developing alternative solutions for problem-solving.