Graduate Competencies

Student Outcomes

After completing the study, graduates are:
  1. Competence in both oral and written English, in the contexts of general communications, academic, and work, according to the standard of quality.
  2. Competence in both oral and written English for at least one field of English for Specific Purposes (ESP).
  3. Able to adapt English Speaker culture through written review of literature and culture into mother tongue.
  4. Able to apply concepts of language in oral and written forms through Literary and Cultural analyses.
  5. Able to apply linguistic expertise to adapt culture and utilization of knowledge across sciences, into mother tongue and in various forms of text.
  6. Able to communicate in cross-cultural contexts based on politeness strategies, sensitivity and respect for cultural differences, ethics, and applicable values.
  7. Able to apply Information Technology and Communication in the contents of language skills, linguistics, literature, culture and society within the contexts of organization.
  8. Able to translate papers in both spoken and written forms in various texts and media.
  9. Able to produce various creative texts by applying the concepts of language, Literature and Culture.
  10. Able to apply the concepts of English language and learning aspects of English as a foreign language.
  11. Able to communicate in oral and written according to concepts of language in a cultured-business context.