The Ability to Understand Mandarin Numeric Words on Junior Students of China Literature Program

Authors: Yi Ying, Jureynolds

Mandarin numeric words are an important part in learning Mandarin. Mandarin numeric words reflect the types of objects that they follow. Chinese literature students study nouns for four years because sentence construction cannot be separated from nouns.Unfortunately, not all students consider nouns important so that up to the junior year, there are still some errors in using nouns. This research uses questionnaire distribution to 38 sophomore students of Chinese literature who have studied Mandarin for 2 years.Through this research, as many as 89.47% of students say mastery of Mandarin numeric wordsare important. As many as 81.57% of students feel learning Mandarin numeric words is difficult due to the numbers or words in Mandarin numeric words. As many as 71.05% of students think that the teaching methods of using Mandarin numeric words by lecturers are good. As many as 55.26% of respondents answer that they often doing exercises 量词since this could help them in learning Mandarin numeric words.From the results of this study, in order to master Mandarin numeric words, students are expected to be given task of summarizing Mandarin numeric words in each lesson and the lecturer also provides the exercises.

Keywords: Millennial Generation; Self-Learning; Motivation; Learning Style; Mandarin

This paper is being presented at The 2nd International Conference on Computer, Science, Engineering and Technology , on 15th October 2019, at Tangerang Indonesia.