The Relevance of the Indonesian China Literature Graduates Hard Skill with the China Companies Need

Authors: Ali, M., Yi Ying, Sasmoko, Jureynolds

Along with the increasing investment of Chinese companies in Indonesia, it takes Mandarin-speaking graduates to work in Chinese companies. In order to make the quality of Chinese Indonesian Literature graduates to be in accordance with the needs of the workforce, a study of the relevance of the hard skills ability of Chinese Literature graduates to the needs of the workforce needs to be done. This research focuses on the ability of hard skills needed to work as managers, translators, administrators and trainers.This research uses quantitative methods by distributing questionnaires to graduates of Chinese literature who work in the Chinese community. The results of the study of the ability of hard skills can be used to evaluate the curriculum of the Chinese Literature Study Program in Indonesia. Through curriculum evaluation, it is expected that the organizers of the Chinese Literature Study Program in Indonesia will be able to offer the courses needed to improve the competence of Chinese Literature graduates.From the results of this study, the ability of hard skills of Chinese Literature graduates is only quite relevant to the needs of the workforce. To reach a highly relevant level, several cross-science programs are needed to improve their cross-cultural management and communication skills.

Keywords: Chinese investment; Mandarin; Graduates; Hard skills; the world of workforce

Descriptive Statistics of ICT Ability with Implementation Related to the Field of Work

This research is an independent research collaboration of lecturers BINUS University and Indonesia University of Education, and being presented at The 2nd International Conference on Computer, Science, Engineering and Technology , on 15th October 2019, at Tangerang Indonesia.