The Development of Chinese Grammar Checker Website based on Natural Language Processing

Authors: Julita Wangi , Kelly Rosalin, Theresia

Research on artificial intelligence in learning Mandarin in Indonesia is still very rare. The research on developing Chinese auto-correct grammar website is aimed at helping Mandarin learners in mastering Mandarin grammar. This website can be a “learning companion” of basic-level Mandarin learners outside the classroom. This technology is still very new, so this research should be carried out immediately by researchers in Indonesia to master this technology. The method used in this research is a quantitative approach. The collection of grammar patterns that will appear on the website will be selected from several Chinese textbooks. Then the patterns will become Mandarin grammar patterns and will be entered into the website of auto correct grammar. After the website is finished, it will then be tested on users who will use the website. After being tested, the researcher will distribute a questionnaire to evaluate the development of the website.

Keywords: grammar checker; Mandarin grammar errors; Chinese NLP

Research method’s flow chart

This paper is being presented at The 2nd International Conference on Computer, Science, Engineering and Technology , on 15th October 2019, at Tangerang Indonesia.