Soft Skill Description of Indonesian China Literature Graduates: Case Study in Three Universities in Indonesia

Authors: Yi Ying, Jureynolds, W Andreani, S M Setiana

The ability of Chinese Literature graduates needs to be evaluated, so that the organizers of the Chinese Literature study program continue to update the courses taught at college. The ability of graduates can be seen from the results of treasure studies and the soft skills needed can be mapped.So far, the curriculum, and graduate competencies focus more on hard skills even though soft skills are also needed in doing a job. Therefore, this research was conducted to map the soft skills needed to do a job. Data collection was carried out from the input of 99 Chinese Literature graduates spread across three universities that have Chinese Literature study programs.From the input of the graduates, communication skills and teamwork are more needed in doing a job. Thus, policy makers are expected to consider a soft skill course that is beneficial for students in doing a job.

Keywords: Chinese Literature Program; Mandarin; Graduates; Soft skills; Tracer studies

Leader Ability With Implementation Related to the Field of Work

This research is an independent research collaboration of lecturers BINUS University and Universitas Komputer Indonesia, and being presented at The 2nd International Conference on Computer, Science, Engineering and Technology , on 15th October 2019, at Tangerang Indonesia.