Mandarin Learning Styles in Millennials

Authors: Sofi, Yi Ying

Millennials like to study in groups and utilize technology in learning activities. They also like experimental learning and learning methods of “learning by doing”. They can do many things at one time. This generation needs clear objectives at the beginning of their lessons and quick feedback on their curiosity. Most Mandarin literature students are from the millennial generation. For a more effective and efficient teaching and learning process, it is necessary to know the current learning styles of Mandarin Literature students. This study has three objectives as follows; First, to map the learning styles of Millennials generation who are also students of Mandarin Literature. Second, to map out the strategies needed to improve learning achievement. Third, to design tools that can improve learning achievement. The research method was carried out by distributing questionnaires to Mandarin literature students. From the results of the questionnaire, the researcher mapped the learning styles of these millennials. After that, researchers would create a learning model that allows students to learn independently. The learning model that has been designed was then distributed to students for input. In general, students are of the opinion that the designed model is suitable for the needs of learning Mandarin in Indonesia. Students also provide an input on the exercise, they propose that the exercises can be given a score so that students can assess their own abilities and learn independently.

Keywords: Millennial Generation; Self-Learning; Motivation; Learning Style; Mandarin

Mandarin learning styles in millennials

This paper is being presented at The 2nd International Conference on Computer, Science, Engineering and Technology , on 15th October 2019, at Tangerang Indonesia.