Study in Taiwan for International Student

“I could say Taiwan is a multicultural country and that what makes it interesting.”

After I graduate high school in 2009 I decided to take English major for my bachelor degree. During the time I started to learn Chinese a little bit only for fun, but right after I graduated instead of taking master degree I decided to continue my study in Chinese Culture and Language. This is because I am very interested in Chinese. The 5000 years of culture makes I thought what a rich country, how do they keep their culture lives on in this modern era?

And now I even have the privilege to study in Taiwan and to know the traditional character and the old history that lives in Taiwan. Taiwan is a great place to live because not only the Chinese people but there are also other tribes who live together in unity. I could say Taiwan is a multicultural country and that what makes it interesting.

Surrounded with very helpful teachers who always help us to improve and provide every need the international students have make my university life easier and less stress, because we could never study better when we are pressured and stress, right?

I really thank God that I received such a privilege to meet these great people and to learn.


Created by :

Agatha Virgilia Nogo – Cheng Shiu University

Chinese Literature of Binus University

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